Our History

The National Association of

 Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.


       2010-2012 History


Club Name: Buffalo Club                     District: Northeast

Date Organized: October 12, 1958      Date Charter issued: June 1959

Charter Convention: 1959-24th Nat. Con.    

Held In: Detroit, Michigan

Organizer:   Florence Allen Holmes

Club Founder: Clara Mencer, Bessie Gillespie, Ruby Butts


Charter Members: Naomi Bailey, Bessie Gillespie*, Dorothy Green, Jerrie Hall, Margaret Martin*, Charlotte McNeal*, Clara W. Mencer, Ruth Scruggs*, Jeanette Smith*


Club Presidents: Charlotte McNeal (1958-1960), Clara W. Mencer(1060-1962), Mary Chappelle (1962-1964), Jeanette Smith (1964-1966), Ruby Butts, (1966-1970), Helen Waite (1970-1974), Hortense B. Nash (1974-1978), Placid Parker (1978-1980), Thelma Lanier (1980-1982), Madeline Thompson (1982-1986), Joyce M. Jones (1986-1990), Eva M. Pressley (1990-1994), Catrena Wright (1996-1998), Emma Bassett (1996-2000), Janet E. Barnes(2000-2004), Alline Davis (2004-2009), Janet E. Barnes (2009-2012).


Clubs Geographic Area: Buffalo, New York is urban area with approximately 174,000 persons.  Approximately 60,000 of the population are black woman.


Sojourner Truth Awardees:     

2011-2012 Officers:

Janet E. Barnes (President), Carla Murphy (1st Vice President), Alline Davis (Recording Secretary), Cindy Clarke (Financial Secretary), Lynn Jackson Perry (Treasurer),Verlie Walton (Historian), Cindy Clarke (Benevolent), Joyce Jones (Parliamentarian), Lelia Byrd (Life Membership Chair, Chaplain)



Erie County Legislature

Northeast District

City of Buffalo

Erie County Legislature

Common Council

Mayors’ office of Buffalo


Significant Accomplishments:

Adopt A Classroom, American Heart Association Award, Parade of Vendors, Woman’s History Month Program,


Members elected to District offices:

Janet Barnes             NED Treasurer

Alline Davis             NED nominating committee member


Members elected to National offices:

Janet Barnes             National Music Director

Alline Davis             National Education Committee 

1961—Cora P. Maloney                    

1962—Ercelle H. Moore                    

1963—Thelma A. Hardiman            

1964—Dr. Lydia T. Wright               

1965—Mary Crosby Chappelle       

1966—Mary B. Crawley                    

1967—Jeannette Smith                      

1968—Ruby T. Butts                         

1969—Mary Hackney                        

1970—Carolyn B. Thomas                

1971—Emma Callahan                     

1972—Kenvel Echols                         

1973—Cleo Reid                                  

1974—Placid J. Parker                      

1975—Thyra M. Charles                   

1976—Lt. Marion Bass                      

1977—Lee C. Crumpley                    

1978—Mary Polite Sherill                 

1979—Helen Waite                             

1980—Sylvia Inman                            

1981—Shirley Harrington                 

1982—Georgia Henley                       

1983—Earline Collier                        

1985—Garnet Hicks Wallace           

1986—Ora lee Lewis                           

1987—Hortense Nash                        

1988—Eva Doyle                                 

1989—Shelia Nickson                        

1990—Ouida Clapp                            

1991—Constance Eve                        

1992—Dr. Maggie Wright                 

1993—Hon. Rose Sconiers                

1994—Dr. Mary Gresham                

1995—Johnnie Mayo                         

1996—Margaret Strasner                 

1997—Joyce M. Jones                       

1998—Yvonne Minor-Ragan           

1999—Emma Bassett                         

2000—Louise McCoullum                 

2001—Florence Johnson                   

2002—Denise N. Wooten                   

2003—Paulette Thompson                

2004—Sandra Mobley-Terry           

2005—Janet E. Barnes                      

2006—Nellie B. King                          

2007—Dr. Muriel Howard                

2008—Viola Hill                                  

2009—Alline W. Davis                       

2010—Brenda McDuffie                   

2011—Stephanie Cowart